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Coming in HOT!


Infrared Heat for a Superior Movement Experience


We are a
HOT topic… 
here's why. 

At Hot Studios NYC, our mission is to bring the heat, literally. Our studio is not your typical yoga and fitness studio; we’re not just about stretching and flexibility.


Come in feeling like a HOT mess and leave feeling like a HOT shot (humbly, of course).



Our Classes

The HOT Flow

1h | $30

The HOT Flow taps into the physical aspect of an Asana Yoga practice and adds some dope music. These all level classes are designed to accommodate the practice of both a seasoned yogi and nervous beginner with a blend of movements geared towards deepening the connection between breath, body and spirit. Check your ego at the door and let your mat become a canvas for self-exploration, connection and intention.  


The Hot Flow is Vinyasa based, we add INFRARED HEAT and a little extra humidity for the added benefits to an already renowned ancient healing practice. Our instructors are skillfully trained and humble, creating intentional, creative flows to cultivate a fun and safe environment, offering modifications as needed to fit your individual needs.


1h | $30

Our Heat-HIIT class is a simple concept; however simple does not take away it’s challenge. Heat-HIIT combines timed intervals and low impact movements for a mindfully created circuit style workout challenging both your physical body and inner dialogue. The movements consist of various body weight exercises such as: planks, squats, ab work and other Pilates inspired movements. The intention behind Heat-HIIT is to promote strong muscles and burn fat while still focusing on endurance. The music is encouraging, fun and fast to encourage you to get moving! We like to think of it as our own version of a Disco Inferno.

This class is both beginner friendly and challenging to a seasoned athlete as modifications are provided to appeal to all levels.

Mindful Mobility

1h | $30

Mindful Mobility is all about slowing things down and getting comfortable in stillness. You know, the kind that NYC rarely offers you. Rooted in the nature of Yin Yoga, this Asana class is a compliment to any lifestyle and seen to have incredible benefits. By moving slower, holding shapes and postures, for longer, we allow the body to find length while the mind finds solace. This class is a chance to journey inward, allowing the body to invite you into deeper postures over time to increase our range of motion for an overall healthier life. All levels are welcome and encouraged to take Mindful Mobility as it provides incredible benefits in breaking up the tension that is built in habitual behavior like frequent exercise, sitting at a desk and stressed, overworked bodies. These classes are intended to target deep and superficial connective tissue, joint health, flexibility, and optimal range of motion. Infrared heat is used to assist the body as you offer it space to completely surrender.

HOT 26

1h | $30

Hot26 brings the heat. This class consists of 2 pranayama breathing exercises to build heat in the body and a series of 26 Asana Yoga shapes that progress throughout the sequence. Moving at a slower pace with a more static influence, Hot26 is geared towards showing benefits in your balance and posture overtime. The succession of challenging shapes stimulates focus and promotes mental clarity while giving your muscles a workout too. All levels welcome.

Aerial Yoga

1h | $35

Aerial yoga is a NON-heated class which links aerial movement, breath and colorful hammocks. Instructors provide support in unleashing your inner child as you Take flight! Great for all levels - modifications and advanced cues will be given, so that you can practice to your own personal edge. Space is limited to 8 hammocks.

Ganja Flow

1h | $35

The Ganja Flow taps into the physical aspect of an Asana Yoga practice, while adding some dope music and Cannabis!  These all level classes are designed to expand the practice of both a seasoned yogi and nervous beginner with a blend of movements geared towards slowing things down while deepening the connection between breath, body and spirit. Check your ego at the door and let your mat become a canvas for self-exploration, connection and intention. Private venue. 21+



Is it hot in here, or is it just us!

Aside from the environmental benefits of infrared systems which are known for being energy-efficient, there's an immeasurable amount of healing benefits that help further you along your wellness practice and align with Hot Studio NYC's Yogic mission. Infrared Heat Therapy naturally improves circulation, assists flexibility, and encourages the body's natural healing process. This heat will boost up your immune system, provide pain relief, reduce muscle tension and promote weight loss, relaxation and detoxification. Need we say more? No? Well, we will anyway… 

        Many hot Yoga studios use forced air systems that are hot but also dehydrating, and increase the temperature of the air itself, which can be uncomfortable. In our infrared heated studio, we paired our panels with humidifiers, so the more you move and the deeper you breathe, the hotter you will get… but the air is another story. We love this because it also means if in the event you do feel that you are building too much heat, you have the opportunity to reel it back in. By choosing to lay in savasana for a moment, aka: the best Asana pose ever, you will be able to cool off slightly without having to leave the room in the heat of the moment and pursue a retreat to the nearest ice box.     

        Moral of the story is, we want to help you help yourself. Infrared is another way we do that, because we know you like it HOT! 

Why Infrared

Class Schedule

Ready to invest in your
future best self?!

Take advantage of our one year unlimited passport! 

Intro Special


Every month

Monthly Unlimited

As low as $12 / Class!



       In our HOT pursuit, we offer a space to break away from daily routines and busy lives to slow things down. We embrace creativity to express and transform through mindful movement practices, breath work, positive shifts in mindset and overall well being. Imagine having a wellness practice that will give back to you everything that you put into it and more. Sounds pretty great right? 

Ready to get hot and unbothered? 
Here’s some hot tips! 

Sign up online or via our app!

Arrive to class 10-15 minutes before class start time to get signed in and acclimated to the heat


Hydrate before and after class

No bags, cellphones, or shoes are permitted in the studio room

Wear breathable, athletic clothing that you feel comfortable moving in!

Bring a yoga mat + towel, or rent one from us!

Keep an open mind

Listen to your body

Follow your breath 


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