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Do people read these or does everyone just email us? jk, we love you, ask all your questions please! 

What are your COVID-19 Protocols? 


Sanitation stations are located in various parts of the room with anti-bacterial wipe dispensers to clean your mat and the space around you before/after class. You will also see a trash can to dispose of your used wipes and a hamper for you to return any used hand towels, rented yoga towels and borrowed mats.          


In between each class, floors are cleaned with a FDA approved cleaning solution and there are HEPA Air Filters used throughoutthe day to ensure The Hot Studio has clean air quality.


Our classes are capped at 26 which means there is plenty of room for us to safely exist within the walls of The Hot Studio. We encourage you to be near those in your household but stay at a comfortable distance from those who are not in order to avoid discomfort and coincide with the CDC recommendations of Social Distancing. 


NOTE: In accordance with NYC regulations on fitness and wellness studios, you must show proof just once of vaccination to attend flows at our Chelsea facility. Unvaccinated members can attend our Westchester studio with a mask, however we don’t recommend practicing Hot Yoga in a facemask seeing as the risk of breathing difficulties may increase due to high heat. We want you to be/feel safe, if you are unvaccinated or having breathing issues with a face mask on please consult your doctor before attending class to ensure your safety within your personal choices. We do require a doctor's note for those who are unable to wear masks during times that they are required indoors.



Who can get HOT in the city?


At The HOT Studio we are accepting of any body so, come get hot if you want to! Classes are open to all, regardless of practice level, gender identity, sexual orientation, knowledge of yoga, favorite color or flexibility. Our instructors are skillfully trained and humble while using their creativity to cultivate intentional classes that foster a fun, but also safe, environment. All classes cater to the needs of each individual as the instructors can offer modifications to accommodate you. Our classes welcome anyone with an open mind, desire to learn and a willingness to unleash their inner HOTNESS!


*There are some contraindications to heated exercise classes for pregnant individuals and those with certain health concerns. Feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have regarding heated classes.  


Are ALL of the classes heated? To what temperature?


Other than a select few, the majority of classes offered at The Hot Studio are, well… HOT. However, it may not be the type of heat you are expecting. With the help of heat and humidity the body stays warm making your practice more efficient and your sweat more abundant. We use a Far Infrared heating system that keeps the room’s temperature as follows. 


Classes and typical heat range: 

The HOT Flow: 92ºF - 98ºF 

Heat-HIIT: 88ºF - 95ºF

Mindful Mobility: 90ºF - 94ºF

HOT26: 92ºF - 98ºF 


Non heated signature classes include: 

Aerial Yoga


Ganga Flow [Private Venue]

What is Infrared Heat? Why are the benefits?


In our HOT pursuit, we agreed on an eco-friendly Infrared heating system with a resounding, YES!  Infrared systems are designed to emit heat that penetrates surfaces rather than forcing hot air into a room. The room will feel warm but your body will gradually increase in temperature with exposure, helping to create a healing environment rather than an over drying, oppressively hot room that you want to run out of.  


Infrared Heat Therapy naturally improves circulation, assists flexibility, and encourages the body's natural healing process. This heat will boost up your immune system, provide pain relief, reduce muscle tension and promote weight loss, relaxation and detoxification.


What if I get too HOT?


Is that even possible? Just kidding… it is. Here is what to do! If in the event you do feel that you are building too much heat, you have the opportunity to “back off” a bit before retreating to a local restaurant's walk-in freezer. We ask that you please listen to your body. By choosing to lay in Savasana, which is also known as corpse pose, your arms and legs are relaxed and apart allowing the body to cool off slightly without having to leave the room. This is not uncommon for even the seasoned practitioners and nothing to be ashamed of. If you feel uncomfortable and need assistance from your instructor they will be close by to help and advise you on what to do next.


Humidifiers are used in our studio as well, this will help prevent heat exhaustion and aid the body’s natural detoxification process. We keep it HOT enough to make you sweat, but maintained to help keep you focused and feeling good.


What do I need for class?


An open mind and your breath…Oh, and a yoga mat and towel if you have one. Don’t have a mat or towel? The Hot Studio has you covered! Mats and yoga towels can be rented if you need em’. We also have water and other assorted beverages for purchase. 

Can I sign up online?


YES! We prefer and love it when our members sign up in advance! You can sign up either on the internet or through our app! 


Our app is available on the App Store or through Google Play.

Should I come early for class?


We'd love for you to be prepared and ready to get HOT in the city! We recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins to check in, set up your space, and get to connect with yourself and fellow HOT members! We find that you get more out of class, and start to sweat faster if you spend a few moments in the room before class starts. 


What should I wear?


We recommend that our members wear athletic clothing that is comfortable to move around and get sweaty in! Our peers find ‘dry fit’ attire to be the most comfortable.


Are showers available?


At this time, there are no showers, though we distribute cold eucalyptus-infused towels at the end of classso you can freshen up before you venture out. Spare toiletries are also available for you should you need them!  


Can I share my class packages?


While we want you to get HOT with your friends - Class Packages, Unlimited Memberships and Workshops are limited to one person per package and are non-transferable.


Do you offer student discounts?


Students with valid ID’s can receive 30% off! only redeemable in-studio. 


Do you make hands-on adjustments?


Due to COVID-19 Restrictions and recommendations, we will not be making hands-on adjustments with our members.. Our instructors are equipped to verbally correct you into proper positioning. As restrictions are lifted, we will have option cards that each individual will leave at the front of their mat. The color RED facing up means “please no hands on adjustments” and the color GREEN facing up means “hands on adjustments are welcome” 


What is your policy on sexual harassment and misconduct? 


We are all about getting HOT but in ways that relate to healthy exercise, sweating, and infrared heating systems. We have a strict no tolerance policy for sexual harassment and misconduct. Anyone who is found treating a patron or instructor of The Hot Studio in a sexually explicit nature will be dealt with professionally in accordance with their actions.

The unfortunate truth is that sometimes, yoga and wellness establishments attract those who prey on the vulnerable. At The HOT Studio, we do not believe in passiveness when we see someone taking advantage of healing arts and those participating in them. To ensure the comfort and safety of those who take their practice of yoga and wellness journey seriously, we do not have any issue asking someone to leave the premises and terminating their membership. Those who are asked to leave for such reasons will no longer be welcome to class. If in the event you are removed from our system as a valid member you will be voiding your contract and there will be no refund. monthly membership will immediately be terminated. Whatever classes/time left on the package/membership of a removed individual will go towards the memberships of those who were at the hand of your misconduct.

Hmm...I still have more questions.


Talk to us! We welcome questions, requests, feedback and anything else you'd like to share.Submit your thoughts via our Contact form, give us a call, or come chat with us in person. We don't bite.

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